Thanksgiving 2014 was a great day… and it started out with a Turkey Trot.   I was flying solo this year while my honey was out east playing music on a Christmas tour, so I  had to get creative and see what was happening around town.  My preliminary plan was to do the Midway Turkey Trot and then head to the zoo for Feast with the Beast to see the elephants stomp out the giant pumpkins.  But as the big day grew closer, I really wasn’t sure if the elephants would make the cut.

The turkey trot challenge was compelling.  A year ago, my sister and her kids came out to ski for Thanksgiving and we did the Midway Turkey Trot together.  We had fun even though we all split up and my pace was more of a scaled down trot…..also known as walking 🙂  But my big fuzzy red hat kept me oh so warm.

midway turkey trot 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

This year, 2014, I would be alone for the 5k.  Although I missed my family coming to visit for the holidays, I was ‘all in’ for the challenge.

I wondered what it would be like to actually run the 5k course.

Was it even possible?  Two weeks before the run, I started my own training program.  I pretty much only walk fast in my exercise program.   So I started to add in running and  then alternate my paces.  Walk 5 minutes.  Run 5 minutes.  All at different walking and running speeds.  I love the way it feels like you are working different sets of muscles at different speeds.  I would repeat the walk/run ‘sets’ as many times as I could.  As the race got closer, I increased the run time to 8 minutes, then 10 minutes.  Was it enough by the time of the race?  Well…..


Thanksgiving morning arrived and it was time for the big race. I was ready to give it a go and see what happened.  I was determined to have a good time no matter what.  Nobody would be there to witness my victory…or the other scenario.  This was between me, myself and I.

I made my way to the starting line. The young man dressed up like a turkey self-importantly gave the signal to start the race.  I was off and running proud as a peacock along with everyone else….like I was  a real runner.  I found myself behind a lady running with her dog on a 3 foot leash where the dog kept changing it’s mind as to where it wanted to run and how fast.  Together, they tried to take me out, but my survival instincts were in tact.  I escaped two close calls of dog leash entanglement combined with a  complete wipe out.

By this time,  I realized that we had been running on an uphill incline, and I was becoming exhausted very quickly.  I was so tired that it became hard to maneuver among all of the walkers, runners, strollers and dogs moving at different paces.   I pulled off to the side and slowed down to a walk.  Uh, oh.

Ok, so maybe I hadn’t trained long enough. Or correctly for that matter.  Just maybe it was time to accept all that, chill out and change my paradigm.  Instead, I could get some great video of the gorgeous scenery along the 5k course.

I then heard a loud neigh of a horse behind a beautiful red barn.  I couldn’t see it, but the horse sounded riled up.  Trouble?  I strayed from the turkey trot course and walked behind the red barn to see a couple of high energy horses that were rearing up, trotting briskly and making a lot of noise.

So I pulled out my video camera and captured the horses.  Next up on film?  Puppies.  Dogs with muzzles.  Grandpas pushing strollers.  Homes.  Sheds. Mountains.  Ponds.  The cow scene is my fave.  The only thing that didn’t make it into my 1.5 minute video shortie was the flock of kids in a yard yelling out “Happy Thanksgiving!!!” to all the runners.  How cute is that?!

I had so much fun.  And grateful?  Oh, my gosh.  YES!  Not just for the wonderful blessings in my life, but for the whole turkey trot spontaneous experience.  This was more than just a failed attempt to run a 5k.  I can’t believe that my physical condition is good enough to believe that I might be able to run a 5k.  I’ve had to come back from an injury that could have maimed me for life had I not been open to alternative healing.  Since I signed up for the turkey trot, I’ve advanced to a new level of physical strength where my daily workout includes running….way HUGE 🙂

Next year I will be running the complete 5K Turkey Trot course 🙂  Stay tuned and place your bets now.

My failed 5k run turned into this  😉