There are those days that have that exta zing of pleasant surprises that make it a super great day to be alive.

How cool is it when you start the day with your morning walk to your favorite coffee shop and see a moose cruising along on your street…


Next you spot a proud robin carrying a worm that hopefully represents a financial win for you 🙂


When you get to the coffee shop,  you run into a fun pal and the jokes are flowing with lots of laughter.

DSC_0015 copy

Only laughing pic of me I could find  🙂

On the walk home, some cute little photogenic dogs stroll by with little man owners that are totally cool with you taking pictures of their pooches for MoneyDogz.


And now for the clincher.

When you arrive home from your morning adventure walk, you are surprised by an email with a request for an interview from a very cool company.

Ok, Stop!!  It’s too good to be true!

Yes, all of this really did happen  to me in one day.  I still can’t believe it 🙂

My honey thought it would be fun to celebrate at the Road Island Diner in Oakley, Utah.  We’ve been wanting to check it out for some time, but we keep missing their open days of Thursday through Sunday.  So, last night it was all about celebrating at this cool little diner.

DSC_1800 (2)

We sat at the counter, of course, and met the eccentric and fun owner named Steve.  The jokes were flyin’.  The food we sampled was great.  We split a slice of coconut cream pie (Gilligan’s fave) and an order of fries.  What a perfect way to celebrate 🙂

The Groove Cycle

We all have days with disappointments or oopsies that feel like a grind.  That’s when a meditation, work out or a glass of wine are REQUIRED activities.  You wallow a bit, but know you can get through it and that good times are coming soon….

So when sweet stuff happens, even the itsy, bitsy, tiny, sweet little things happen, make time to celebrate.   A trip to a cool diner, a meditation or glass of wine can be good for celebrations AND healing 🙂

Friday’s have always been great to begin with, but this particular Friday was one special day that made it…  Yes, one more time…

A Super Great Day to be Alive!