I’ve been singing Rocky Raccoon out loud for the past 2 days.  Why?

Because a new gal at work has a name that rhymes with Rocky Raccoon with the same cadence.  She is very cool.  How could you not be with a name similar to Rocky Raccoon?  I have not yet informed her that she has caused a disruption in my ability to focus without my head bobbing up and down while I sing a crusty, low volume, yet enthusiastic version of the great Beatles tune 🙂

About the actual song.  The idea came to Paul McCartney when they were in India doing the transcendental meditation thing with Maharishi in 1968.  The actual track debuted on “The White Album.”

The story is about a guy named Rocky Raccoon who is caught on the bummer side of a love triangle.   He attempts to take out the ‘other man.’  It doesn’t go well.

Paul said in an interview, “I was basically spoofing the folk singer…  Rocky Raccoon was a freewheeling thing,  the fun of mixing a folky ramble with Albert in the Lions Den with it’s ‘orse’s, ‘ead, ‘andle, ha ha.”

Note:  “Albert and the Lion” is a song by Stanley Holloway about a kid who goes to the zoo with his family and gets eaten by a lion.  

Transition back from lion to raccoon…   I always knew that Rocky Raccoon had nothing to do with the creature that climbs trees and pilfers from garbage cans.   But that didn’t shut down my imagination from picturing a four-legged masked maurauder named Rocky checking into his room where Gideon’s Bible awaited.  It’s way more interesting to me.  No disrespect to  master songwriter, Paul McCartney who I love. 

“Rocky Raccoon checked into his room

Only to find Gideon’s bible.”

Now for the scoop on Gideon’s Bible, also known as the hotel Bible that we’ve all seen countless times in the top drawer of the nightstand.

 Who was Gideon? A biblical guy named Gideon was told by God to take on a much larger army of bad guys. Of course, they win….  UnderDogs!

The Gideon organization that formed over a century ago was inspired by God to use said name from the story in the old testament. The Gideon International evangelical group has a mission to distribute Bibles and to get them into all hotel rooms. They even have a little ceremony to present the holy books to the hotel manager whenever a new hotel opens.

They certainly achieved their goal and achieved elite status in the legendary Rocky Raccoon song as the Bible hopefully helps with Rocky’s healing and ultimate comeback.

“Gideon checked out, and he left it, no doubt,

To help with good Rocky’s revival.”

And then there are listeners like me, who don’t really want to get past the visual of a raccoon named Rocky.

The video below is presented on YouTube as coming from a 1972 Beatles film.  I did find myself wondering how true that is … although John Lennon does surface as the doctor ‘stinking of gin’  in the bare butt scene.