Deliberate or Accidental?  What really happened with the sizable stray poop that was found 5 feet away from the litter box?

It had been a week since we had run out of kitty treats.  The moon was full and in the sign of Cancer which meant heightened emotions and extra sensitivity.   Ziggy woke us up at 5:00 am with incessant meowing.  Loud. Wailing. Desperate.  I knew her food bowls were full.  I followed her downstairs anyway.  She beelined it to her bowl and promptly wolfed down her food.  ???   All of the angst-filled hoopla was for nothing.

At approximately 1:00 pm, Steve found a stray poop within 5 feet of the litter box.  Due to Ziggy’s recent erratic behavior, he immediately assumed it was ‘Protest Poop.’

What really happened?  Let the proceedings begin…


  • Ziggy pleads ‘not guilty.’
  • She claims the stray poop was accidental due to an unexpected,  distressful cling on poop situation.


  • Steve believes Ziggy deliberately threw the poop from the litter box to the crime scene.
  • Ziggy indeed had a motive as she had not had a kitty treat in a solid week.
  • Ziggy does have a criminal record with priors as she loves to destroy whatever she can, whenever she can.


This photo of the crime scene has been submitted as evidence.  Note the distance of the litter box from the actual poop location.

protest poop crime scene

Ziggy had high hopes that Johnnie Cochran would defend her and present explosive evidence to the world similar to, “The gloves don’t fit!”  In Ziggy’s defense, he would hold  a squirming cat above a litter box filled with poop and shout, “Cats don’t throw shit! You must acquit!” Ziggy had visions of the courtroom going wild along with a live nationwide audience watching on both tv & the internet chanting in unison,  “Zigg..eee!  Zigg…eee! Zigg…eee!”

The good news is that it all worked out.  Ziggy was adjudicated with a verdict of  ‘Guilty with No Intent.’  She is still under suspicion due to her prior criminal convictions, but fairness and compassion ultimately prevailed and she was not punished.  In fact, she has a whole new bag of treats that she screams for daily.

When was the last time you were accused of deliberately causing harm, when in fact it was truly accidental such as Ziggy’s cling on poop situation?  It happens to all of us at one time or another.  It’s best to keep your chin up, state your case with integrity and pray for a positive outcome.  It won’t always be fair.

The good news is that you can use the situation to help keep yourself out of trouble in the future and also teach others how to avoid the situation.  In this case, Ziggy could create an on-line webinar targeting long hair cats called, “Navigating Cat-Asstrophes.”   Ziggy could then do live demonstrations of her creative solutions:

  • shake the butt while still in the litter box to loosen the grip of a determined cling on.
  • resort to the ‘carpet butt drag’, a risky maneuver that needs to consider the size of the straggler poop, but hopefully will get more sympathy from humans than alleged protest poop.
    • The carpet butt drag also has a bonus possibility of getting video’d and going viral on you-tube which sounds super great to Ziggy. 

I’d love to hear your stories!  Leave a comment and share your unfair story and how you made the best of it 🙂

Peace Out~~