Last week, I bestowed a Major Award on a business that I frequent for coffee.  It wasn’t as unique as the famous leg lamp major award in “A Christmas Story,” but it definitely had its own charm as well as being fragile (pronounced fra-jee-lay with a French accent).   Yes, it was the official debut of ‘The Doggy Biz Award.’

Who do I think I am anyway, giving out a prestigious honor like the Doggy Biz Award?   What about credentials?  Without going into the details of my past life, I might actually have a credential or two:  1) I love dogs  2) I can take a decent photo, add words to it and frame it  3) I may have been involved in organizational assessment, including evaluation and judging for quality-type award programs.  Oh, who cares about that anyway…. blah, blah, blah.  Bottom line is that I love to highlight businesses and people that rock n’ roll in customer service and product quality.

I’ve had plans over the years for a website that highlights local businesses in my area that I believe are special, but it’s on hold for now.  The Doggy Biz Award lets me achieve the goal of paying tribute to good people running excellent businesses in a simple and fun way.

Don’t think I’m trying to step on any toes of local organizations that focus on helping local businesses succeed. However, if all of the local businesses paid me a $300 annual membership fee as if I were the Chamber of Commerce, then every business in my organization would be very, very special.  They would all receive a Doggy Biz Award.  I would have really great networking parties…  bands, sushi, foot rubs, martinis – the works!

Maybe this will happen in the future….  but, right now, I will highlight the businesses where I have noticed consistent high quality in both products and services.  I will not make one dime in the process.  In fact, I’ll lose money because the PERFECT award frame cannot be procured at a garage sale.  (The $1 frame theory has already been tested and failed.)


It was a natural for this Major Award to be under the umbrella of MoneyDogz.  If it were to  stem from my Frugal Cats project, well…. let’s just say that The Kitty Biz Award just doesn’t carry the same weight as it does for the Dogz.  I’m not trying to be politically incorrect.  It’s just the way it is.  The Dogz have more power.  The power of cats has increased with viral videos on Youtube, but they are still associated with crazy ladies and get a bad rap for being snooty.  Does this Dogz vs. Cats phenomenon translate to gender inequality in the real world?  We’re not going there because fur could start flying…

And so, the first Doggy Biz Award presentation has taken place. I thought about asking the mayor if he would participate, but I suspected he would be busy.  Nevertheless, the recipient was very appreciative and the Major Award is now displayed across from the ladies’ bathroom and next to a local map.  I would expect the company’s revenue to increase dramatically as a result.

Who will get the next Doggy Biz Award?  Are there more award recipients on deck?  Of course!  Will this award become so popular that I am offered bribes just to get the Major Award?  (I certainly hope so.)  Or will the award recipient toss my beautifully framed work of art into the garbage can?   What would I do if the Doggy Biz Award fizzles to the tune of “I’m a Loser” by the Beatles?  Time will tell.  I might conduct a Lessons Learned assessment and come back like a bulldog.   Or I may just find a snack, then take a nap. Woof.