Done. Clunk. That’s a quote from Mr. Hatch, my Fiber Optics professor in engineering school, now a lifetime away.

My idea of a great Saturday night has shifted from whooping it up to passing a Google Analytics certification exam.  Sad, but true.

I’ve been preparing for the exam by going through all of the Google prep material including videos and practice tests, so I felt ready.

I sat down with my huge salad I’d prepared to eat for dinner….and clicked Start Exam while munching away.

I suppose it wasn’t rocket science, but I did struggle to answer all 70 questions in 90 minutes.  They used to allow you to pause the test and come back to it, as long as you finished within 72 hours.  That does sound preferable actually 🙂  But, that’s all OVER and out.  I found myself racing as the sand quickly fell through the hourglass.

Like sands through the Hourglass

But, it happened!  I beat the clock by seconds!  A 5-second pop-up notification told me I had passed.  Aaaahhhh!!

I broke out the wine pomegranate juice cocktail.

If you are interested in getting certified, check out this article that has some great tips.  Join me!