My honey shocked me on Saturday night at 6:35 pm.  “Do you want to see Keb’ Mo’ tonight?”  YES!!!  But, what about getting tickets to the show that was almost sold out?  We didn’t care.  We flew into readiness and bolted out the door within 10 minutes.  Luckily, the concert venue was less than a mile away 😉

The icy parking lot slowed us down a bit as we had to tread carefully, but once safe, we beelined it to the ticket window.  A couple nearby asked us if we needed tickets.

“Where are the seats?” I inquired.

“I think they’re 4th row.  Somewhere around there.”

Holy Snap.  What an amazing stroke of luck.

I had seen Keb’ Mo’ before at an outdoor concert venue and it was great, but this setting seemed much more special. Steve & I were both mesmerized by the performance.  I found myself smiling through the entire show.

One song that I particularly loved was “You Don’t Have To Shave Your Legs For Me.”  It’s the epitome of a gorgeous love song.

However, I could feel pockets of uncomfortable energy from within the audience 😉

Some men were cringing with fear over what was being planted in women’s heads.  Was this the beginning of having to put up with furry legs?  What would be next?  Armpits?  Bikini lines & love carpets?  No plucking or trimming of nose or chin hairs?

I sensed that many of the women were silently cheering, especially when Keb’ Mo’ topped the song off with, “You don’t have to shave nothin’ for me.”  Wowwwww! Really??  I wondered if this was the strategic planning kickoff for many of the women who had longed for the European ‘no shave’ standard to migrate over to the US.  Leverage.  Now, they had leverage.

Keb’ Mo’ is not just a great musician and songwriter, he is a special human being.  The words that come out of his mouth and the way he interacts with the audience and his band are evidence that he is a soulful thinker.   Very few artists will introduce their musicians and promote each of their individual cd’s and projects during the show.**  Very cool.

So, thank you to Steve for the wonderful surprise concert that still resonates today.  In fact, I’m listening to him playing a Keb Mo song  right now as he adds more Keb songs to his acoustic performance repertoire.  Steve’s guitar sound is actually just as beautiful as when Keb Mo plays.  I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  Wow.

The impact of Keb’ Mo’ lives on…

**Note:  A musician may or may not care about any promotions depending on how much they are being paid.  Still, we love it when musicians are promoted so hats off to Keb 🙂

Keb Mo Fun Facts

  • Grammy Awards – Three.
  • Songs recorded by – B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Dixie Chicks, Joe Cocker, Robert Palmer, etc.
  • Collaborated with – Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, Cassandra Wilson, Buddy Guy, Amy Grant, etc.
  • Acting Career – Can’t You Hear the Wind Blow, Touched By an Angel tv show, etc.
  • First Gold Record – Keb cowrote “Git Fiddler” with Papa John on Jefferson Starship’s Red Octopus which hit number one in 1975.
  • Keb’s real name is Kevin Moore.  His record label adopted Keb Mo, a moniker coined by his original drummer as a ‘street talk’ abbreviation of his name.