Did you ever have a bad day that was soooo bad that you would like to just hide somewhere that nobody can find you?  It may not be as bad as you think. In fact, if you are not in jail, still walking and talking, and are not 6 feet under screaming, “No!! Help me…. I did NOT kick any bucket! I don’t even have a buckeeeettt!!”  you may be just fine.

“Oh Snap!” Situations

  • Did you accidentally send a racy email destined for your honey to the CEO of your company?
  • Did you accidentally sideswipe another vehicle while going for the Pokemon Go creature named Raticate?
  • Did the person you sort of trusted totally screw you in a shitstorm that was clearly their fault?
  • Was your tongue painfully stuck to a cold metal flagpole like in “A Christmas Story” while your kiss-ass coworkers abandoned you with the exasperated excuse that reeks of self-serving subtext, “The Bell Rang!

Let it Go

Whether the bad day was due to your own oopsies or getting treated unfairly, let it go.  Your oopsie is one more contribution to wisdom and a motivational zinger to get it right the next time.  As for unfair treatment, we all take our turn.  Weigh the risks and possible outcomes of standing up for yourself versus moving along to a situation that is way cooler in terms of integrity and mutual support.

Soothe Your Soul

So have a glass of wine, get a massage, queue up your favorite movie or hang out with a friend.  Find the humor and know that it’s one more point of wisdom that only comes with experience in the big picture.   It’s time to let it go.  Yep.  Let it gooooooooo…….