It seems we’ve been witnessing some close calls lately.

The deer in the blog featured photo raced to cross the road behind a dozen of his friends.  It didn’t look good.  The motorcycle loomed in the distance as a deathly threat to the deer…. as the deer was a deathly threat to the motorcyclist.  It was a possibility that both could lose their lives.

But they didn’t.  The motorcyclist slowed down and saved the deer, and himself.

Another straggler teenage deer tried to catch up with his buddies.  In the panic to follow his pals across the road, he jumped a fence and injured himself.  He fell down in pain at the top of a steep hill. He couldn’t get up.  He tried to roll himself around to catch his balance.  Then the poor deer rolled and rolled slowly down the hill, unable to gain control of himself or the situation.

Our Sunday afternoon drive had taken a turn to both heartbreaking and horrifying.

It appeared that some other human witnesses on the scene were already calling the authorities.  It made us realize that we need to have a direct phone line to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) or whoever the right authority is…to get some help for animal related emergencies.  Time to find out.

The disabled deer laid at the bottom of the hill.  Five minutes prior to the debilitating injury, he had been romping around with his teenage deer buddies.  So sad.

He didn’t make it, but his buddies did.  Yes.  His buddies did.  So, let’s send some love out to the little guy that had the guts to jump the fence – although it didn’t work out.  Now, let’s focus on his buddies…