Have you ever heard of Christmas in July?  My sister Jan shared her recent story about creating a Christmas in July for someone special.  It still brings tears to my eyes.

Her best friend’s little sister Patty has the mind of a 6-year-old although she is 55.  She is like family to my sister.  My Mom knows her well, and I have fond memories of her from years past.  She has the happiest, most joyful personality you will ever meet.

She was recently diagnosed with cancer with a prognosis of about six months.

Once Jan heard the news, she told Patty that she’d be coming to see her in a few days for Christmas in July.  Patty was soooo excited with anticipation she could barely stand it.  FYI – Jan is one big party by herself so anyone would be excited to get to hang out with her.  The Christmas gifts were the icing on the cake for Patty 🙂  

Santa’s Summer Road Trip

Jan and my 86-year-old Mom (who’s always helping someone) drove two hours to their destination of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They had a sack of gifts for Patty.  Each gift she opened brought squeals of delight.

  • A puzzle with ships and boats.
  • A fluffy kitty to snuggle.
  • A ball of yarn.  She loves to play with yarn!
  • A white, fluffy dog the size of a basketball that ran off four C batteries.  It wagged its tail, barked, whined, yawned and moved its ears.

The most exciting gift for Patty  was the white, fluffy action dog.  She immediately named it Snowball and wouldn’t let it out of her hands the entire time.

How great is that?!

“May Patty’s Christmas in July experience help her to feel joyful and loved”

Please bring on the prayers for Patty.

Christmas in July Poster with Christmas Cat & Mouse

Try Christmas in July or any month for

someone who needs a boost 🙂