Groovin On UP…

Groovin On UP is a mosaic tapestry of humor & random bursts of eclectic energy inspired by music, coffee, our crazy ecosystem & cool creatures, 2 & 4 legged. We hope to provide entertainment or inspiration for you to cultivate your own unique groove.

Laugh. Think. Groove.  

1)  Laugh – get creative and find the humor in your situations.

2)  Think –  let go of self defeating neural patterns & let your true brain intelligence make your decisions.  Take in new information and embrace thought and wisdom from a balanced, logical and heart-centered place.

3) Groove – move forward with personal strength within the ebb and flow of life in a grounded, joyful and meaningful way.

Plato quote Jax Personal Stories

I’ll be sharing personal experiences, photography, original quotes, music and videos, and highlighting some of my other edutainment blogs like moneydogz.com and frugalcats.com.   If you crack one smile, shed one tear, or find a golden nugget of helpful information…. Sweeeet

Oh yes, one more thing.  I LOVE guest bloggers.  A variety of flavors for fun and inspiration with unique, personal stories is always welcome!

Don’t just move forward.  Groove Forward.

Don’t just move on up.  Groove On Up.


The Jefferson’s theme song,  “Movin’ On Up” has always been one of my favorites. Hats off to the songwriters Ja’net Dubois and Jeff Barry.  And how could you not love George and Weezy?  It’s required.